Young Benue Hardware Developers Built a Solar Powered Ventilator to Support COVID-19 Fight – Photos

A team of young Benue hardware engineers have built a solar powered Ventilator to support COVID-19 Fight

In an interview with young innovators by Jupitagist.Net Joseph Orya, Joshua Ichor and Jude Iorfa confirmed built they built a solar powered ventilator from their room in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

Their mission is to design a ventilator that can be built with common components and materials that can be easily sourced in communities where high-tech equipment like 3D printers are not present.

Ventilators help COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms breathe as it helps pumps oxygen into the lungs and removes carbon dioxide.

A ventilator is a major equipment for managing COVID-19 cases. The S-Vent ventilator made in Benue could help prevent a shortage of ventilators in the state and other places. Being solar powered means it can be used in places without a stable power supply.

More photos below

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