Coronavirus: A Nigerian Professor Akpa Discovers A Cure for covid-19

#Coronavirus Prof. Joseph Akpa the Provost of Luminar International College of Alternative Medicine, Enugu, says he has found a cure for coronavirus

Speaking in a press conference Prof. Akpa on wednesday 2, March 2020 said he had already produced drugs in the past that boost the immune system and has made something that can kill the virus 100 percent directly

He challenged the health institution to bring any infected patient and he will cure them

He said “If the Permanent Secretary of Enugu State Ministry of Health or the State Government approaches me to cure any of the known cases of coronavirus in the state I will voluntarily do so without attaching any condition to it”

He added that he thank God for using him fine a permanent cure to the pandemic that has threatened to wipe the entire human race from the earth

Prof. Akpa blamed the Chinese for causing the outbreak in a quest to get supernatural powers and supremacy among the human race

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He narrated that they travel to other planets during meditation and steal some substances back to the earth to become super humans

He said the pandemic has come to be as a result of radiation and reaction of other chemical with planet Mercury and in reaction now sends the deadly radiations of the coronavirus to the earth.

However I will teach you, journalists, some self-protective habits and also give each of you a bottle of Immunity Enhancement.

“Before ending this briefing he said i will like to inform you that all the planets have also their positive effects on the human beings here on earth, you can find this in many of my works,” he concluded

We urged everyone ready this to share till someone important locates Prof. Akpa and give him a chance to prove he can save the world.

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