Kenyan Engineer Invents Gloves That Turn Sign Language into Audible Speech

Here is another world’s newest invention by a young Kenyan, a hand glove he invented turns sign language into audible speech

Meet Roy Allela who’s new invention have bridged the communication gab between the deaf and hearing people

The 25-year Kenyan created the Sign-IO glove which translate movement of fingers into audible speech making it easier for people who don’t understand sign language to communicate with the deaf

The Sign-IO gloves has sensors attached on the five fingers to determine how the fingers bends

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This invention has a Bluetooth setup that can be connected to an Android app and uses a text-to-speech function to convert the signs to vocal speech.

Allela invention was motivated by his 6-year old niece who was born deaf, my niece wears the gloves, pairs them to her phone or mine, then starts signing and I’m able to understand what she’s saying. Like all sign language users, she’s very good at lip reading, so she doesn’t need me to sign back,” he said in an interview.

He invented and launched Sign-IO in Migori county, south-west Kenya, and is trying to make the technology available in as many school for special needs children who are deaf and other who have impaired hearing as possible

The technology which is about 70-80 completion has received awards (Hardware Trailblazer Award) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) global finals in New York and a second runner-up at the Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders in Innovation Fellowship in London.

News source: Global NewsWire The Guardian www.royallela.com

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