Corona Virus: Australian researchers claim he has found a cure for the virus

Australian researchers claimed they have found a cure for rapid spreading deadly corona virus

The scientist have claimed that drugs used to treat HIV and malaria could cure the corona virus (covid-19) since patience whom the drugs were administered on recovered

Researchers from the University of Queensland, Brisbane said there are two exiting drugs, (anti malaria ”Chloroquine” and “lopinavir/ritonavir” HIV), when combined and administered yielded a positive result on infected persons

The respiratory infectious virus has affected over 170,000 and killed over 6000 globally

Prof. David Paterson said it will be wrong to say the above listed drugs can cure the covid-19 infection, he explained that the drugs make it disappear and inhibit it from further damage on other cells just like lopinavir/ritonavir stops HIV from getting to AIDS

The inhibition of the virus from affecting other cells is apparently what the researchers referred to as the cure for the corona virus

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