New Mysterious Virus With Unknown Origin Emerge In Brazil

A new mysterious virus called Yaravirus has emerged in Brazil with completely no origin which have left scientist in complete wonder

The virus called Yaravirus was first discovered in an artificial Lake at Pampulha, in a Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte unexpectedly by scientist in January.

The virus genome was sequenced for a DNA test and 74 genes were discovered in total but the amazing findings was that, just six of this genes have been recorded in history

The remaining 68 have never not been seen which make them orphan genes

This has triggered a research on over 8500 genetic constituents worldwide but no idea has been brought to tell exactly where the Yaravirus has originated from.

A team of researchers led by Brazil’s Federal University of Minas Gerais said this will diversity their knowledge on genetic viruses

The research was made from a single cell creature (amoeba) which is dwelling of damp areas

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It was published on the server bioRxiv that Yaravirus has a close lineage with amoebal virus but has a puzzling origin and phylogeny’ 

The publication also quoted that Most of the known viruses of amoeba have been seen to share many features that eventually prompted authors to classify them into common evolutionary groups,’

It has been told that the yaravirus doesn’t affect humans for now and it only affects ameobic family

According to report, virologists Bernard La Scola and Jônatas S. Abrahão are from Aix-Marseille University in France and Brazil’s Federal University of Minas Gerais respectively who are no strangers to unique viruses like this one

About two years ago the duo discovered the Tupanvirus which is virus protected by a huge protein-cell, but a water dwelling virus but of different gene from the Yaravirus the

Amid the research on Yaravirus origin, their has been an outbreak of a deadly killer virus called the Coronavirus in Asia which has killed over 1000 people and contacted over 40000 thousand globally.

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