Meet Mr. Appiah Akoto Who Can Draw and Teach Microsoft Word on a Blackboard Without Computer

A classroom teacher from Ghana identified as Richard Appiah Akoto has created turning heads after he drew and thought Microsoft Word on a Blackboard Without Computer

Mr Appiah was captured drawing the details and functionalities of the Microsoft word program on the board

The photo went viral after he displayed an uncommon skill in teaching the subject

According to reports Mr. Appiah has been teaching computer for over 8 years at Betenase Municipal Assembly Junior High Sekyedomase, Ghana

Going by this development of his high skill display Mr. Appiah, the Microsoft blog published and acknowledged that the company was impressed by his intelligence and will help him as well as invited him to participate in the Microsoft Educator Exchange in Singapore 2018

It was his first time ever to travel out of the shores of Ghana and meet global educational leaders and talk about the challenge of Ghana’s educational system

He further narrated that he wanted to impact his students with the knowledge on microsoft but he had no computer to do so and had to draw it on the blackboard for them to see

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After returning from the Microsoft Educator Exchange he brought back to Ghana computers, textbooks and other software from several other organisations to help him educate his students better on the course

Because of this and Information Technology (IT) laboratory was built where students of the school could go and operate the computer not just that, the town of Akoto underwent the Microsoft Certified Educator Programmme that also help Mr. Appiah develop his passion in teaching.

He also said he previously drew mouse, keyboard and monitor to teach his students in the past years.

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