Thirty persons Reported Dead On Crowded Bridge Bomb Explosion in Borno State

About thirty people have been reportedly killed on crowded bridge bomb explosion in Borno State Nigeria

The unfortunate incidence was reported to have taken place on Monday 6th, January 2020, the explosive device detonated around 5:p.m  (1600 GMT) on the monday evening according to reports by Reuters

The crowded bridge located in Gamboru area of Borno State northeast Nigeria is a major market in that town that leads into neighbouring country Cameroon. 

Eye witnesses reported that, the explosion left more than 35 persons injured and they were rushed to the local hospital following the attack.

“It is an unfortunate day for us to witness this frustrating and devastating incident in our community. I just heard a loud sound of explosions, before I realized I saw many of our friends and colleagues were killed,” an eyewitness told Reuters

Government task force and groups formed to fight Boko harram in the area have also confirmed the incident.

None of the terrorist group operating in the area have come out to claim responsibility for the attack.

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