List of All African English Speaking Countries and Region

African’s current population is estimated to 1,322,856,033 December 16, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates and 24 countries out of the 54 speak English language.

1 Botswana

The country accepted the democratic governmental system in 1967 with official languages English and Setswana, Botswana is located in the Southern part of African.

2 Burundi

Located in the eastern part of Africa it speaks english french and kirundi, it got her independence in 1962.

3 Cameroon

The country was first known as British Southern Cameroon later gained independence 1st January, 1960 by France and late united with the southern Cameroon to form the Republic of Cameroon in 196 with official language as English and French

4 Eritrea

It was occupied by the British firstly and later by Ethiopians but Eritrea announced its independence in 1993, they speak English,Arabic and Tigrigna. It is located in the northeastern African.

5 Gambia

It was formally colonized by Portugal and later by Britain its official language is English its is known to be the best African English speaking country, Gambia is located in West Africa.

6 Ghana

Located in West Africa, a greater percentage of Ghanians peak English.

7 Kenya

Located in East Africa, Kenya is well known to be a multi-lingual country but its official language is English but Swahili is also wildly spoken in the country.

8 Lesotho

English and Sesotho are the languages spoken in the country it gained independence in 1966, it is know to be a country with high level of educated people.

9 Liberia

A country in Western Africa, with official name Republic of Liberia it was first controlled by private american colonization society before her independence in 1947.

10 Malawi

English and Chinchewa are the official languages in Republic of Malawi, it is located in Southern Africa and colonized by United Kingdom

11 Mauritius

This is a country located in an island in the Indian Ocean, with official name as Republic of Mauritius, it got its independence in 1968 and speaks england as official language

12. Namibia

English is an indigenous language spoken widely by the people of Namibia, English is made a compulsory subject in school in the Southern African country.

13 Nigeria

Located in Western African, Nigerian is heavily populated in land mass and people, it was colonised by Britain and adopted English and official language ever since

14 Rwanda

Located in central and Eastern African Rwandans speak English, Kinyarwanda and French.

15 Seychelles

Speaks English and Seycellois which are the spoken languages, it got independence in 1976 Seychelles is located in eastern part of Africa.

16 Sierra Leone

Colonised by UK Sierra Leone got her independence in 1961 and English is the most recognised and spoken officially by her people, it is located in western Africa.

17 Somalia

It is located in Horn of Africa, Somalians speak english and got her independence in 1991

18 South Africa

Known to be African’s oldest country South Africa got her independence in 1910 and speak English as official language despite the numerous languages spoken there it is located in Southern part of Africa.

19 South Sudan

Got her independence from the current Sudan in 2011 and speaks English language as its official language.

20 Swaziland

Swaziland got her independence in 1968 by UK it is a sovereign state and speaks english as an official language, it is located in the southern part of African continent.

21 Tanzania

Tanzania is south african country that speaks english and Swahili, her independence was annoumced in 1964.

22 Uganda

Uganda speaks english and swahili, it got her independence in 1962, it is located in Eastern Africa.

23 Zambia

In 1964 Zambia got her independence, it is located in southern africa and speaks english as official language.

24 Zimbabwe

With english used as the official language Zimbabwe got her independence in 1965 but was recognized in 1980 and used english as the official language. It was colonies by UK.

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