9 Basic Formal Dressing Ways You Should Know Men & Women

Basic Dressing Ways You Should Know Men & Women

A lot of people are ignorant on how they should dress before going out of their homes either for occasions or official duties.

Here are the professional way you should appear.

1. Going for a mini or long dresses avoid cleavages it looks too vulgar.

2. Allow your neck tie tip to stop exactly at your waist belt.

3. Button up shirts and cover up your cleavages

4. Always make sure the middle button of your jacket is put on

5. Make sure you use a waist belt when going out on a formal outing

6. Use a to match method of dressing while wearing jewelries

7. Avoid too colourful styled cloths in the office as some people get irritated by colours.

8. Don’t exposed you entire chest and shoulders when you are dressing for a formal visit.

9. Let your stockings be long enough such that your skin doesn’t expose while you are sitting.

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