Newly Wedded Couple Commit Suicide Over Unpaid Wedding Debt

A twitter user identified as Tola reported saying a a newly wedded couple have committed suicide due to unpaid wedding debt.

She added that bride committed the suicidal act three days after the wedding and the groom drank sniper and died on the seventh day.

Tola tweeted

A lady was indebted after wedding and killed herself after 3 days, the husband drank sniper too and he’s dead now. Today makes it 7 days after wedding. I’m still in shock!!! Come and see shouts here o. For the first time this year, I had tears in my eyes I’ve never believed it until what I saw this night. It was really a terrible scene, wife still dey mortuary sef

Meanwhile another twitter user suggested it wasn’t the debt that made the couple perform tragic act, she said it is the husbands people.

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