Actress Angela Okorie Escapes Death After a Brutal Attack.

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie escaped death after an attack on Saturday 14th, December night on her way back to her residence.

The near death experience was narrated by the star actress on social media.

Angela reported unknown armed men attacked her, brutalizing and spraying her car with bullets.

She wrote:

“Death is Not one of God’s
Blessings for his children
Touch Not my Anointed
My convenant with God still
I am a child of Grace
They Cant stand my shine
E yaaaaaaaaa
Be ready ooooooo
Cos God is not finished
With me yet
God you too much
I will keep worshipping you
All the days of my life
Who ever that wants me dead
Will die my death
In Jesus Name Amen

Angela was hospitalized after the attack left her in a pool of blood and serious injuries.

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