“My Husband Pays Me $2k To Satisfy His Bet Dog” Lady Write To iRelationship Advisor.

An anonymous depressed lady has claimed her husband is a foreigner and pays her $2000 every two weeks to s*xually satisfy his pet dog.

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She wrote:

My dad is late and my mum is very sick and might die if not the life support she is currently on.

My dad before his death last year was suffering from a protracted illness which needed lots of cash to keep him alive.

As the breadwinner of the house, everything became unbearable and I really had little I could do. My mum is uneducated and was not working then.

Without little or no hope for survival, someone introduced me to a foreign movie director who makes porn movies here in Lagos.

The dude said I could be paid as much as 500k per s*x scene and my face does not need to appear.

I was confused but had no choice than to give in. My contact took me to the location and I met this cute foreigner who was the director and he told me to go into a room he would join me up, I was quite excited saying getting laid by this cute dude and paid 500k was an awesome idea.

To my greatest surprise, he came with the cash and a dog, a big dog named Bill.

He told me I was to sleep with bill and not him. I wept but had no choice than to concede to their terms as my dad needed the funds for his treatment.

Well, in summary, I got the cash but unfortunately lost my dad.

This dude on hearing of my predicament made the sum of N10 million available for the burial of my dad and renting of an apartment for my family.

He was there for me and later professed his love to me. We got married this June.

After our marriage, my mum fell ill with the same ailment that struck my dad.

But there is a problem my husband want me to satisfy his dogs urge. The same Bill which he made me sleep with.

He actually told me he can’t separate from him and he shares his women with him right from time.

And because he loved me he stopped Bill from his bestiality with other women.

He says only me would Bill be sleeping with. He further offered me $2000 to sleep with Bill fortnightly.

I am presently tired of this and wish I could leave my husband, but the fear of poverty won’t make me dare.

And also I love him so much and he takes good care of my family. I sought advice from a close confidant and she said if I give birth he would stop that I should stay back in the marriage.

Please, what do I do? Another option is to demand an increase in the $2000 to maybe $5000 per session.

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