Chinese Newly Invented “Levitation Train Travels Fast Plane”.

Chinese newly invented levitated bullet train known to be “faster than air plane” is set to hit the railways.

The bullet train which is said floats on its track with magnet levitation (maglev) technique is the next rated technology in railway transportation.

The maglev technology invented by the Chinese, China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC). It is embodied with a prototype technology and has an engine capacity of 373mph.

CRRC deputy chief engineer Ding Sansan took (Beijing to Shanghai) as an instance and said: it takes about 4.5 hours by plane, about 5.5 hours by high-speed rail, and about 3.5 hours with high-speed travelling with the “maglev” covering that same distance.

The next rated magnetic levitation train was first showcase in Qingdao a city in eastern Chinese.

This train was built in 2003 but recently tested in Qingdao where a test track is also been constructed for the exercise.

CRRC is set to launch this technology officially by 2023.

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