World Bank and IMF Statistics on Nigeria is Inaccurate – President Buhari.

President Buhari has described the statistics released by world bank and international monetary fund (IMF) about Nigeria as inaccurate.

Going by this the President has urged Nigeria to have its independent statistics gathering mechanism.

Buhari mandated his economic advisory team with the task of gathering accurate and concise statistics mechanism since hearing this news by world bank and IMF.

President Buhari described the current world bank and international monetary fund ( IMF) statistics on Nigeria as false and has no bearing of truth.

On Wednesday in series of tweets, President Buhari emphasized this issue.

The president also rejected the statistics of unemployment rate by National Bureau of Statistics which is a national governmental statistical body.

President Muhammadu Buhari also stated clearly that, Nigeria will have to domesticate its policies to reflect accurate local and governmental statistics, while will welcome international and cooperation and support from international friends.

President Buhari stressed that most statistics about Nigerian today are done by foreign bodies like world bank, international monetary fund and other institutions which are sometimes highly exaggerative.

We can only have precise statistical data as a nation if we do it our self that’s is why I have tasked the Presidential Economic Advisory Council to make national data collection a primary concern.

Buhari said that both the world bank and International monetary fund (IMF) spoke about the debt profile relating to GDP of the country and they described Nigeria as World Poverty Capital, which he debunked.

President Buhari have also rejected the statistics released by international amnesty regarding human rights.

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