Robot Priest Deliver Sermons and Move Around to Interface With Worshippers in Japan.

A new robot called Mindar, is used as a priest to deliver sermons and move around to interface with worshippers in Kyoto Japan.

Places where the faith of the people is on a decline, machines like Mindar are designed to perform sermons and interface with the congregation.

Mindar is the $1 million dollar estimated machine made of aluminum and silicone and shaped, like a Kannon.

The Robot Mindar a Buddhist Deity of Mercy.

The robot priest is programmed and it repeats sermon about heart sutra multiple times.

The maker of this robotic priest have said, they have planned to give the robot learning capabilities, so that it can enable it give concise feedback to worshippers.

He added that the robot have taken over the pulpit and will never die but keep updating and evolving.

In India, robots are changing peoples religions, a robot was used to perform Hindu aarti ritual, which is typically moving light in front of the deity.

In other cases where hiring a priest for burial precision is high robots are used since they are more cheaper to get.

The robots priest is designed to never die and help people as well in difficult situation according to the creator.

It is changing religion by growing the curiosity of people who have turned away from there religions.

Another robot called the SanTO, was designed and imputed with a short response biblical quotes, such that its responses, when you say “I’m worried” it will reply ” From the Gospel according to Matthew, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

People stand to experience a difference in faith after robotic priest are been incorporated and Al-power in some cases and not.

Meanwhile, Buddhism is not the worship of Christ so many may not have a problem with Mindar or SanTO for representing what deity they worship.

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