Doctors Discovers 526 Teeth in a Boy’s Mouth After Surgery.

In India a 7-year old boy Ravinrath is reported to have operated on the jaw due to defects.

A team of doctors in Southern Chennai India, confirm the little boy had a swollen jaw and after a scanning and examining, they discovered a sac embedded in his lower jaw.

The sac was filled with abnormal teeth, Dr. Prathiba Ramani the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology told CNN correspondents.

The tooth surgery which took place about a month ago, the doctors said the has to examine each tooth and confirm before publicizing the discovery.

After the sac was discovered two surgeons removed it from the boy’s mouth and Dr. Ramani and his team went ahead to empty the sac and confirm the content.

The sac had 526 teeth ranging from 0.1 millimeters to 15millimeters. Dr. Ramani said the boy was suffering from a rare condition called Compound Composite Odontoma.

She said what cause this sickness is still not know. The boys parents said he must have had extra teeth for some time because they noticed his swollen gum for since he was 3-years old but he will not allow anyone to examine him.

Dr. Senthilnathan advice that patients to seek early medical attention for dental related issues.

He said lack of proper knowledge and poverty was the cause of most the prolonged dental issue especially in rural areas which have no awareness on Ora health.

But in most cities today people still move around with such issue due to ignorance and unawareness on dental and oral health.

The doctors who operated on the little boy detailed the procedure saying: they didn’t break the bones from the side that means reconstruction of his jaw was not needed.

Dr. Senthilnathan said Ravinrath’s case has turned out well and the boy has a 21 teeth count currently.

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