Best Apps To Market Your Songs.

YouTube (Videos)

Youtube is as an american video sharing website with billions of users world wide. To make it a unique site, youtube allows its users to monetize their content once you meet their requirements of one thousand channel subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time and has a strong automated system for piracy it is the best free online store for selling of videos.

Amazon (Mp3 and Videos)

Amazon on is one of the biggest e-commence site focused partly on digital streaming and cloud computing, although it is not free in some cases to upload your content on amazon but its one of the most popular website in in world, its cost atleast $39.99 for monthly subscription, which allows you to sell not more than 40 products on this platform.

iTunes (Video and Mp3)

iTunes have at-least 50 million songs on their platform for streaming, You can shop for the ones you want, it is know to be the most organized online streaming app, it is usable only Apple product users but this platform is a variety on it own.

Spotify (Video and Mp3)

This media service provider originally from Sweden was found in 2006, it enables it users to protect their contents and offers an improved video and audio streaming, it is a free service platform offering free

adverts for videos but subscription applies when improved streaming of videos and other varieties is involved, on april, 2019 it was announced that Spotify has over 217 million active subscribers globally.

BoomPlayer. (Video and Audio)

Almost same as SPOTIFY Boomplayer has a free and subscription based service with a download and listen offline feature.

It was launched by Tecno in 2015, featuring mostly African music and urban songs it recorded a tremendous 10 million installations in 3 years after it was launched.

Currently the fastest growing and popular media streaming App in Africa it with an award during the AppAfrica innovation award in cape town South Africa, it has signed a deal with Universal Music Group to allow it distribute songs from universal music labels

Soundcloud (Mp3)

Soundcloud which originated from Germany in 2007 is an online music streaming platform, this App allows it users to upload, share, promote share and monetize their audios, with over 40 million users currently.


AudioMack is and online and offline usable app which allows artist to upload songs, albums and mixtapes, a lot of big artist like Nicki Minaj, Chance The rapper, Eminem, MGK, J Cole e.t.c releasing songs on this platform as recent as 2018 and early 2019.

It is the most friendly music user App of recent times, founded in 2012 AudioMack announced that bit has 1.5 million daily users.

Google Play Music

This App is offers the largest space for songs upload it allows a music and podcast streaming service, it offers users up to 50,000 content upload for free

It was announced in 2012.

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