Solar Eclipse and Eye Health Warning

Solar eclipse can damage your sight when you look at the sun directly the eclipse of the sun “Scientist Warn”

Solar eclipse happens when the sun comes between the earth and sun, preventing the sun light from shining on the earth.

Scientific Research says Solar Blindness or Retina Burns scientifically known as Solar Retinopathy occurs when you look at the Sun directly without protection during the solar eclipse.

The eye damage occurs without pain, it may be permanent or temporary as the case may be.

People are adviced to protect there eyes when looking at the sun during an Eclipse.

Symptoms of Solar Blindness.

  • Distorted Vision
  • Loss of Central Vision (Solar Retinopathy
  • Altered Color Vision

Due to passion and research as the reason my be its is safe to view the Solar Eclipse with:

  • Pin hole projection.
  • Mylars filters.
  • Commercial solar eclipse glasses
  • Online Viewing
  • Viewing at an Astronomy Park or Center.

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