How To Reduce Mosquito-borne diseases that have threaten World.

Mosquitoes are known to be one of the most deadliest insects because of it ability to transmit deadly disease that have killed humans in millions over the years.

Mosquito borne disease are numerous;

  • West Nile Virus (Culex)
  • Encephalitis
  • Malaria (Anopheles)
  • Zika Virus (Aedes)
  • Chikungunya (Aedes)
  • Dengue fever (Aedes)
  • Battle the Bite         
  • Yellow Fever (Aedes)

It has been reported by world health organization (WHO) that in 2015 alone, mosquitoes killed over 438,000 people and more than half of the worlds population live in areas where different mosquito species are present.

How to Reduce Mosquitoes Bites

It may take a couple of weeks for some methods of mosquito control to work effectively why in some cases it is less.

  1. Mosquito Larval Control – Homes which have ornamental ponds, such ponds are very useful because at the larval stage mosquitoes don’t have wings so adding predators i.e (fish) in such waters can reduce such pests.
  • 2. Mosquito Nets – this may not be very effective if used on windows and doors alone. Many residences make use of the tent net which is squarely spread round the bed to prevent the mosquitoes from penetrating and biting humans. It is very common in Nigeria.

3. Use Mosquito Repellent : Mosquitoes are nuisance especially during rest time the tend to multiply more during the warmer months of the year, using insecticides or creams that resist mosquitoes is a very good measure to prevent mosquito bites as well.

4. Trim flowers and bushes : Bushy environments attract mosquitoes beside hide out, mosquitoes use it for breeding younger ones, mosquitoes lay eggs on shrubs, it is necessary to reduce or do away with unwanted grasses around the home to reduce the rate of mosquitoes breeding.

5. Stay in Air conditioned Environment: Mosquitoes don’t have weight much, using an air conditional make the wings of the mosquitoes wet therefore making them temporary inactive as they can not fly with heavy wings, mosquitoes operate better in warm environments.

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